Celtics Were Not A Winner In Free Agency

Boston landed the top prize in free agency this year with Gordon Hayward, but they didn’t win free agency. How can this be? Because they still don’t have enough fire power to knock off Cleveland in the east. Yeah Hayward can ball, but the Cavs beat the Celtics 4-1 in the playoffs and it wasn’t even close (game 2 was a 44 point route!). Gordon also plays small forward and that position is now crowded for them with Crowder, Brown, and Tatum. So do they play small ball and try and run with LeBron and company? They can try I guess, but it’s not going to result in success.

The dumbest thing they did this off season was getting rid of Avery Bradley. They needed to clear cap space for Hayward, and Bradley was gonna be expensive to resign, but signing Hayward tells me their plan is to win now and letting go of Bradley is the opposite of winning now. Avery Bradley is a top 5 perimeter defender and was also scoring 16 a game, which is different than the usual elite defenders who can only shoot corner 3s. To beat the Cavs you gotta slow down LeBron and Kyrie, and Bradley was certainly capable of slowing Kyrie. Getting a Morris twin in return is nothing to write home about. They are generally cancers to whatever team they play for. Morris (a power forward) only grabbed 6 rebounds a game last year and Boston already has a disadvantage of being a small and poor rebounding team. Overall I thought the move sucked. In today’s NBA you have to construct your roster to
win now or build for the future. The Celtics are stuck in the middle because they have all stars, a bunch of young prospects, and got rid of an elite defender. They should trade some prospects for a legitimate center to solidify their front court and make them a true contender and threat to win right now. If they want to build around their young prospects and Hayward, then don’t give Isaiah a max deal and trade Horford.

Right now Boston has a roster that will win 50+ games and make a nice playoff run, but they have no real shot at a title and that’s why they didn’t win free agency.