Dolphins Were Better Off With Matt Moore

Matt Moore has a career W/L record of 15-13 which includes going 2-1 last year to close out the season for the once again injured Ryan Tannehill.  I’m not saying that Matt Moore is a “winner” because he isn’t. But he has been a serviceable backup and when his number has been called he has done his job. Moore is not going to win games on his own, but he also isn’t going to go out there and lose them.

The newly acquired Jay Cutler has a career record of 68-71 and has not had a winning season since 2012. On the surface it looks like Cutler is a career .500 quarterback. However, if you dig a little deeper you would find that in the 10 years that he opened the season as the starter he has only had 3 winning years. So yes I am going to say it; Jay Cutler is a loser. The “man” has been to the postseason just once and is known by many for throwing interceptions and riding an exercise bike during the NFC championship game. The Bears said after that game that he was indeed injured, but come on there is a trip to the Super Bowl on the line! Hall of famer and legendary coach of Da Bears! Mike Ditka said it best after that exercise bike game: “Myself, I would have had to have been paralyzed to come out of the game. I don’t want to say that word. I would have had to be completely knocked out to come out of that football game”. Cutler has never shown any fire or will to win and this picture perfectly sums up the expression that he always has on his face that says “I don’t care what happens, I’m just here for my paycheck”.

The Miami Dolphins have a very solid football team. Jay Ajayi looks like a promising young running back and they have a bunch of talented receivers including Jarvis Landry, who is arguably the best slot receiver in the game. They have an offensive line who can hold its own and a defense anchored up front by the best defensive tackle in the game, Ndamukong Suh. Adding a pass rusher in the first round of the draft and a versatile linebacker, Raekwon McMillan in the second round, will only make this defense even stronger.

The point is Miami has a very good team and they don’t need a quarterback like Jay Cutler. I don’t care that he is reuniting with former offensive coordinator Adam Gase, Cutler just never seems to come up clutch when his team needs him the most. Plus it’s now Matt Moore’s second year in Adam Gase’s system and if Gase is the so called “quarterback whisperer”, I believe he can get the best out of Matt Moore. The Dolphins would have been better off letting Matt Moore get the first team reps in training camp and build chemistry with the starters. Moore is a better fit in Miami because he can manage the game (control the clock, take care of the ball, let his play makers make the players instead of forcing it) rather than trying to be a gunslinger like Cutler. The Dolphins have now just wasted the 2017 season as well as the $10 million they are giving to Cutler.